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  • In cooperation with the Centre for Education, Translation and Interpreting – ”Lingua”, the ”Intellect” Centre has been organizing public procurement courses for five years now. Our courses are licensed by the Ministry of Economy, so possession of our certificate is the only prerequisite for taking the exam for getting a licence for performing procurement tasks. Our courses have been attended by over 500 candidates so far. In the beginning, there were two courses a month while lately there has been one course every month.

    Beside our basic courses, Intellect also organizes vocational training courses needed for extension of the validity of obtained licences.

    The vocational training course will be held on 12 June 2014 and focused on the following topic:  ”Implementation of the Procurement and Public Procuremetn Procedures Regarding Stationary, Cleaning Agents and Mobile and Fixed Telecommunications”. The topic will be elaborated with practical examples. All interested parties are invited to contact us on the phone by dialling these numbers  – 098 465 111 or 091 253 1977 or simply by sending an enquiry to intellect@intellect.hr

    More details on the public procurement courses are available here

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