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  • The people who are able to say something meaningful about almost everything are very much appreciated in the modern world. Such people are preferred to keep company with and if they decide to start their own business, success is guaranteed since they are depicted as being well-read and friendly by their business partners, so conclusion of desired business deals can hardly stay away.

    How many times have you been in a situation when in order to start a conversation, an ice-breaker is desperately needed? An efficient ice-breaker in this context can be a small talk on the weather. When it comes to such a conversation, most people just use clichés, regardless of the real weather condition. In order to avoid being one of them, take up a popular course on meteorology.

    The ”Intellect” Centre is going to include something really innovative and original in its already wide range of services – a short course on the basics of meteorology and climatology. Be familiar with the weather and weather phenomena, learn how to recognize current weather conditions and atmospheric processes as well as their sequence, forecast the weather in your place of living and find out something about climate change and the climate of your region.

    Applying the most contemporary multimedia aid, the lecturers will take you, in an interesting and scientifically less demanding way, to the world of sunshine, rain, snow, storms, fog and other weather phenomena.

    If you want to know more details on our ’revolutionary’ course and register for it, you can contact us by dialling the below phone numbers or by sending an e-mail to the below e-mail address.

    The most accurate short-term and mid-term weather forecast for Osijek and Slavonia and Baranya is available at

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