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  • Although these days there are lots of talks about the funds granted to candidate countries and potential candidate countries by the European Union, instruments for pre-accession assistance are still rather unknown to the majority of the population of those countries.

    The European Union has introduced a seven-year programme period within which it plans its activities and budget. We are currently in the period that started in 2007 and lasts until the year 2013.  Accordingly, a new pre-accession fund has been designed – IPA. The total financial assistance foreseen for Croatian beneficiaries by this instrument exceeds 11,000,000,000 EUR, so it will really be a pity if Croatia fails to use these funds.

    In order to prevent such a scenario and raise your idea to the level of a project, try using services of our company.  ”Intellect” offers services related to design and preparation of projects, filling out tendering documentation and translation of required documents. Besides, ”Intellect” will provide you with knowledge and experience and teach you how to fit your idea into one of the components of the IPA programme. Our company will also supply you with supporting studies and additional documentation and fill out all the necessary forms for participation in pending tenders.

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