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  • The state-organized school-leaving examination is the most important exam for every school-leaver and future student. Take no risk and register for preparation courses for the state-governed school-leaving examination! The “Intellect” centre invites you to join our groups and achieve the best marks at the examination.
    Small groupsmodern approach, audio-visual methods, EXCELLENT HANDOUTSexperienced teachers and more than 1,000 satisfied school-leavers who have enrolled in the desired university after taking up our preparation courses represent a guarantee for top quality classes. The classes are held in the premises of the “Intellect” centre at 5 I.F. Gundulić Street. The candidates are supposed to come to our centre on every Saturday and only exceptionally on a workday.
    Due to the fact that small groups are preferred, do not hesitate to register for the February cycle. Your registration for this cycle will be accepted until Valentine’s Day, February 14, so, if you have not registered yet, contact us as soon as possible. 
    Registration for preparation courses for the state-governed school-leaving examination is available online or you can register by dialling the following numbers: 098 465 111 and 091 253 1977.
    If your schedule is too busy in February, you will still be able to take up our preparation course since there is another cycle in Mid-March 2013. This cycle will be characterized by slightly more intensive classes.

    For more information on preparation courses for the state-governed school-leaving examination contact us at 098 465 111 and 091 253 1977 or click here.

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