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  • For the purpose of providing top quality services and increasing its availability to all citizens, the ”Intellect” centre is about to open new  premises located in Šetalište Kardinala Franje Šepera 8e, in the very centre of the popular Promenade along the right bank of the Drava  River.

    The new premises will be decorated in a fancy style, air-conditioned, soundproof and equipped with the latest multimedia aid needed for organization of various courses and presentations.

    The premises will include a reception office, one smaller and one bigger classroom. All the rooms will receive enough daylight (as far as evening courses are concerned, there will be adequate artificial lighting). Moreover, they will be spacious and full of positive energy, so there is no reason for you not to feel completely comfortable and relaxed while you are upgrading your knowledge and skills and hence building your way up to a better future.

    The ceremonial opening is planned for the beginning of the year 2013 and we already invite all the clients and customers to attend this event which will encompass a special programme and various gastronomic and other surprises. You will be informed about the exact date of this event very soon.

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