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  • Due to a large volume and the complexity of curriculum in primary and secondary schools and at universities, pupils and students are forced to acquire a vast amount of information within a relatively short period of time. In order to enable them to fulfil their obligations on time and gain success thereat, the ”Intellect” centre offers fast learning courses based on the mind-mapping and power reading methods. The full package comprises 22 school periods divided into six workshops. The workshops are held on weekends. More precisely, there are three workshops per weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Unless the group has different wishes, the course mostly spans two consecutive weekends. The package can be split into two parts. The first three workshops consisting of 10 school period involve the theory and application of mind maps, theoretical part on the operations of the human brain, presentation of memorizing and retroactive recall techniques, methods of stress management (appearing before major exams and similar) and relaxing and problem-focusing techniques. The other three workshops encompassing 12 school periods relate to application of the techniques and methods presented in the first part of the course and to fast and progressive learning and reading comprehension practice. Candidate can choose between taking up the full package, which is warmly recommended, or only one of the two parts.

    Price for the full package – 1,000 HRK for advance cash payments, 1,150 HRK for payments made in three instalments

    Price for the first part of the course (theoretical preliminaries) – 550 HRK for advance cash payments or 650 HRK for payments made in two instalments

    Price for the second part of the course (practice) – 650 for advance cash payments or 750 HRK for payments made in two instalments
    Generally, there is one fast learning course every month.

    Although this course may seem rather abstract, our experiences deny these assertions. Most candidates increase their learning and reading comprehension capacities 4-5 times while some manage to raise their intellectual capacities up to 10 times. One of the prerequisites for full acquisition of the above techniques and methods is intensive practice within the period of 14 days after the course. Moreover, regular, though not so intensive practice for two months following the course is also suggested.

    Fast learning courses can also be taken up on an individual basis in the form of tutoring sessions or individual training with the instructor. Candidates choose the time and intensity of the course. The price of an individual fast learning session lasting 60 min totals 165 HRK.

    Registration for fast learning courses is available online or you can register by dialling the following numbers: 098 465 111.

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