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  • “Intellect” d.o.o. (ltd.) was founded as a daughter company of the Centre for Education and Translation Services ’’Lingua’’ in August 2012. The split resulted from a large volume of business and the need for maintaining a high level of services provided by the latter centre, particularly regarding translation and interpreting. In fact, the ”Lingua” centre is considered to be the leading private educational institution in the region of Slavonia and Baranya. The centre offers various intellectual services. Precisely, one can learn the most popular world languages there, both in groups or on an individual basis. The list of provided language courses is really impressive and includes English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hungarian, Swedish, Slovenian, Czech, Polish, Macedonian and Turkish, not to forget Croatian for foreigners. Beside language courses, ”Lingua” organizes preparation courses for state school-leaving examination, tutoring sessions for all subjects in primary and secondary schools and at universities, power reading and mind mapping courses, preparation courses for taking Cambridge ESOL exams and Goethe-Institut examinations as well as licensed public procurement courses. Customers can also expect top quality services concerning written translation and consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Apart from the need for keeping or raising a high level of provided services, it was their broad range and the relating growing demand that appeared as the main drive for establishment of an independent company specialized in some of the services offered at the ”Lingua” centre. This specialized company is, of course, ”Intellect” and its primary goal refers to achievement of excellence accompanied with affordable prices, which means providing top quality and relatively cheap intellectual services. Intellect is primarily a company that deals with all kinds of translation and interpreting. When it comes to translation, Intellect should definitely be your first choice since we are convinced that there is no translation service that we cannot provide you with to your and our satisfaction. The company management guarantees for fast, professional and top quality translation of ‘all possible’ texts into 30 world languages while all these translations can be certified with a seal of a licensed court interpreter at your convenience. If necessary, written translation can be preceded by all types of proofreading which is naturally available as a sole service too. This includes Croatian and foreign language texts. Customers are also offered supreme simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services. Intellect caters for reliable consecutive interpreters who, after a couple sentences, interpret what has been said by the speaker. Such interpreting is usually seen at smaller meetings, judicial sessions and tourist tours. With respect to bigger meetings and conferences, all the interesting parties may need experienced interpreters, necessary equipment and booths for simultaneous interpreting. Let us take care of all these things on your behalf. Furthermore, translation and interpreting are not the only things that Intellect is specialized in. In appropriately equipped rooms situated in an attractive location, Intellect runs public procurement courses licensed by the Croatian Ministry of Economy. All the parties subject to the Public Procurement Act can contact us at any time since such courses are available on a monthly basis. In the same newly-decorated rooms, Intellect organizes preparation courses for state secondary school-leaving examination. These courses are separated into school subjects and can be taken up in one of the four cycles. Regardless of the preparation courses for state secondary school-leaving examination, there are tutoring sessions for all subjects in primary and secondary schools and at universities. In order to make your studying even more efficient, every month you can try up a fast learning course. These courses consist of theoretical preliminaries in the form of mind maps and practical application of the acquired techniques (power reading).  Due to the Croatian accession to the European Union in a near future, Intellect provides assistance in getting IPA funds. The assistance do not relate only to preparation of appertaining projects, but also to filling out respective forms as part of the tendering documentation and translation of all the necessary applications.

    Generally, company Intellect represents the crown of Krunoslav Pavlović’s experience acquired in Lingua. Other employees and staff of the company are also young, ambitious and competent people.

    Education, continuous investment into your own knowledge and life-long learning should be the only guarantee for achievement of a high level of competitiveness at the labour market! It is this requirement that will be identified as the main advantage when hiring people in the future and thus your chance for success in business!
    Hoping to take your chances with us when trying to accomplish your goals, we believe that Intellect will be your best choice!



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