Preparation courses for the state-organized school-leaving examination

Preparation of EU projects

Public procurement

  • Article 24 of the Public Procurement Act (’’Official Gazette’’ no. 90/11) stipulates that the preparation and implementation of the public procurement procedure shall be conducted by authorized representatives of the utility sector and that at least one authorized representative shall possess a valid certificate for carrying out the above procedure and performing appertaining tasks.

    Furthermore, the Ordinance on Public Procurement Training aimed at regulation of the modes of implementation of the specialized training programme in the field of public procurement became effective on 13 January 2012 (’’Official Gazette’’ no. 6/12).

    The “Intellect” centre

    After completion of the training programme, the candidates are rendered a certificate of attendance which is necessary for taking the respective exam run by the Ministry of Economy.

    The price of the training lasting 50 school periods amounts to 3,000.00 HRK (VAT included).

    The price covers participation in the training programme, handouts, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, rolls, snacks and a free parking place. After reception of a filled form, you will be sent an invoice with all the necessary data, so that you can make the referring payment.

    If you want to attend the training programme, please send us an application form by e-mail.

    In order to be provided all the other information, you can contact us at 098 / 465 111 or by sending an enquiry to

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