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  • As the day of Croatian accession to the European Union is approaching and new opportunities for getting financial assistance from pre-accession funds are opening, there is a growing need for original ideas and their conversion into high quality projects. Since preparation of a solid project is a complex and comprehensive task which, along with rich experience and knowledge, requires much time, ”Intellect” offers all services related to projects, filling out the tendering documentation and translation of required documents. Having an interesting idea is considered a big deal today, though its realization and putting it into practice can often be a major obstacle. In such situations, ”Intellect” may be of great help to you. ”Intellect” turns your promising ideas into a completed project. The first thing that we will do for you is to give you a piece of advice how to fit your idea into one of the EU programmes and how to implement it in the most efficient way. Then, we will get to preparation of a project. The next step involves preparation of supporting studies and documents. Since respecting the appertaining procedure and filling out the tendering documentation properly might be an impassable obstacle when applying for pre-accession assistance, ”Intellect” will do its best to save your project from being rejected due to procedural omissions. Also, you can count on us if you need to translate parts of the project and documentation which are supposed to be submitted in English. All in all, what you get from us is a full and top quality service and thus you can be sure that your idea will be presented to the competent EU body in the best possible way and you will be granted certain funds for its realization.
    Due to exceptional specificity of every project and entrusted task, it is impossible to state any price. Every idea and project represents a separate story, so ”Intellect” intends to agree on the price with every client respectively.
    In case of any need for EU project-related assistance, you can contact us at or by dialling the following cell-phone numbers 098 465 111.

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